That Holy Night

That Holy Night

Words & music by Amy Gustafson

© 2008 All rights reserved.

John 1, Luke 2:1-20

Christmas is not, of course, an exact celebration.  We all know that Jesus was not necessarily born on December 25; we recognize that the date was chosen merely as a time which we’d set aside to remember what happened that one night, whenever it was.

And so let us do just that!  Let us use this time to indeed remember the glorious reality, the amazing truth that one night was set apart from all the rest, when GOD, who is magnificently beyond all bounds of time and space chose that one night to work inside their bounds and brought an answer to a people long in anticipation of one.  That holy night in a stable in Bethlehem, He said, “Here is your salvation!  Here is the One that you have been waiting for.”

At the time, few even noticed that anything had occurred that night.  But for 2000-some years, because of that one night, for those who did understand, the world has never been the same.

The town is aglow, the homes lit by candlelight

The rooms overflow as family and friends reunite

But only a few know a baby was born on that night

That night

When He came, there were no decorations

But the angels sang and Earth had never known such a celebration

Glory to GOD in the highest

This baby in a manger is our righteousness

His plan to save us was made manifest

On that holy night when GOD became flesh

He came in the flesh to show those in darkness the light

So those whose sins were as scarlet would be washed white

If they believed in the Savior born on that night

That night

When He came, He brought hope to the poor in spirit

When the angels sang their message of peace, the world was dying to hear it


O holy night!

The star was shining so bright

The heavens declaring His glory

And shepherds left telling the story