The Cover Tunes

In addition to the four original songs I’ve recorded for this project, I also recorded four songs written by others.

O Come All Ye Faithful has long been one of my favorites, especially since Steven Curtis Chapman breathed new life into it with his 6/8 version back in 1995 on his first Christmas album The Music of Christmas. I sought to do the same, so this is the old carol Amy-fied.

You Left Your Throne is my version of the old Christmas hymn Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne. The purists will have to forgive me for modernizing the lyrics. I grew up with this song on Steve Green’s Joy To The World! and always loved it, if for no other reason than it was one of those Christmas songs that was not overdone. I love the richness of the lyrics–I love how they span the life of Christ, proclaiming the reason He was born on that holy night, and how they always cause me to open my heart wider to Him.

Joy To The World consists of the original words and my own personal melody. Again, my apologies to the purists. I think that the words of this song are so incredibly powerful, and I fear that they get lost in an all-too-familiar melody, and so I switched it out, hoping to highlight and emphasize the truths proclaimed within, which are really incredible when you stop and pay attention to them. In the process of doing this myself, I was filled with such a joy that Christ had come that the worship spilled over into an added chorus between the verses.

Let It Snow is for many reasons the most surprising addition to the EP. I apologize to anyone who feels annoyed at its inclusion; in fact, I loathed the song for most of my growing up years. So much so that during the holidays, my siblings used it as a form of torture. But a couple of years ago, I decided it was time for a lightening up of former distastes, and a reconciliation, if you will, with the song. I realized that really the reason why I hated the song so fervently was because of the annoying repetitious part (granted, this is ironic coming from a worship leader 🙂 ), and I discovered that if I just took that part out, the song…well, at least somewhat improved.

And so I included it in the project as a sign of reconciliation, and also to mark the joyous fact that this year is my very first of thirty-two Christmases that I will spend snuggling with someone by the fire and not at all wanting to say good night, which represents a pretty significant change in my life. I performed this rendition of the song back at a coffee house in performance in Sierra Madre, CA, in December 2007, at which my then-friend-now-fiancé Patrick was in attendance. Afterwards, he remarked how he particularly liked my version of Let It Snow…so much so that in July 2008 he asked me to be his wife :)! Our wedding is set for January 3, 2009, making this indeed a very merry Christmas.